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Crate Trolley

This is our best seller, the standard delivery trolley Model STP8.

  • Strong steel sturdy frame with 10” footplate to accommodate any load.

  • Fitted with 10” pneumatic wheels for use on all terrains.

  • Fitted with a spare wheel if perchance you get a puncture.

  • Flat Free wheels optional.

  • Wheels fitted with linch - pins for easy removal / replacement.

Bottle Buggy

Used widely in the bottled water industry.

  • Carries 4 x 19 Litre bottles or one water cooler. Its unique design saves time and money. Perfectly balanced for ease of handling.

  • Fitted with 10” pneumatic wheels as standard. Flat Free wheels optional.

Bouncy Castle Trolley

  • Strong steel sturdy frame to accommodate the heaviest loads.

  • Folding footplate to facilitate the wider load.

  • Bouncy castle trolley continued >>>>

  • Fitted with twin wheels / 10” pneumatics as standard / Flat Free wheels optional. Will travel on any surface particularly the soft grassy surface of the home garden.

Convertible Trolley

  • Can be used in the standard vertical manner or converts readily to a 45 degree position / horizontal position.

  • Strong sturdy steel frame.

  • Carries the heaviest of loads affording little pressure on the user.

  • Fitted with 10” pneumatic wheels as standard with 5” swivel castors for maximum maneuverability.

Keg Trolley

Keg Trolley for use in the Bar and Catering industry.

  • Strong sturdy steel frame.

  • The trolley is fitted with two hooks and can carry both the large and small beer kegs.

  • Fitted with a “T” shaped handle which allows the user use his/her two hands. This affords the user maximum grip, to pull/steer the load on all surfaces, door saddles, steps etc.

  • Fitted with 8” solid wheels with steel centres and roller bearings.

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