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Master Mac 

Hurley Bander (Model MN3 / Manual)


For the small to medium scale user. This is the SUPERIOR tool, professionally made, and guaranteed to last. Ideal for fitting or re-fitting steel bands on all hurleys. The tool is supplied with full users instructions.

Features: A unique feature of the tool is that the centre bolt is fitted with a thrust ball bearing to facilitate ease of tensioning.

The tool comes complete with an "Extension Fitting" which facilitates the fitting of the second band,above the heel of the hurley, it compensates for the varying angle.

Order the MasterMac Hurley Bander now for €90 plus p&p €7, delivery nationwide

Master Mac Pneumatic Hurley Bander 
(Model MPN5/ Automatic)


This is a highly professional tool designed for the medium to large scale user. It is the essential tool for the busy workshop.

Features: The tool comprises of top quality components, is professionally made and guaranteed to last. The pressure regulator can be adjusted as required. The mechanical valve lever is fitted with two speed controllers which determine the upward and downward speed of the piston. These enhance the safety of the tool. Hurleys can be banded in seconds.

Please contact us for pricing. 

Hurley Banders



We also supply:

Roll of steel banding  - €15.  

The band comes in rolls of 100ft, enough to put a single band on approx. 80 hurleys. The band is the standard 16mm in width, but what is critical about it is the thickness which is 0.4mm. Other banding can vary between 0.5 and 0.8mm in thickness and as such can be too heavy for the hurley especially if you need to fit two bands. This creates an obvious weight increase to the hurley.


Box of nails - €15

500 grms / over 1000 nails in the box / 16mm long with flat head


Glue - €15

Purocol Express 310ml.


Full Hurley Repair Kit - €142

MN3 Manual Bander, Banding, Nails and Glue, delivered anywhere in Ireland 

Bander Kit.JPG
Hurley Repair Kit - €142

Steel Claw Hammer 8oz - €10


The ideal accessory for the Hurley  Repairman.


This is a small hammer for the small nail. The regular household hammer weighs 16 ounces and as such can be too cumbersome for the job in hand. This 8oz hammer is lightweight and is perfect for the job.


Tin Snips - €10

The perfect tool for cutting and trimming the steel banding.


This 10-inch Aviation Snips features a high-leverage design that assists with cutting, requiring minimal effort from the user. The soft grip handles offer enhanced comfort and control further assisting the required task.


Steel Punch - €3

This hardened steel punch is the ideal tool for punching the nail holes in the steel band.


It is a 5 inch pointed punch with a plastic easy grip coating. It prevents shock to the user. ( improvising, by using a steel nail for punching can be dangerous)


Optional Extras:


“The ‘Master Mac Hurley Bander’ is a vital new tool for giving strength and sustainability to all Hurleys.  It will save Players and Teams an amount of money annually, at both Club and County levels.  Reasonably priced, it should be a product of choice for Hurling Families, Club and County Teams and will give a simple solution to Hurley Makers everywhere, in providing a choice for their many discerning Hurley Customers.  I only wish we had Master Mac years ago.”

Noel Treacy, Chairman, County Galway G.A.A.

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