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Portable Hand Washing Station

Master Mac 

PortaWash 20

Help keep your workplace COVID Free with the Master Mac PortaWash 20 - our 20L portable hand washing station


  • Mobile foot-operated hand washing station designed for easy movement around any workplace.

  • Hands free, reducing cross contamination and increasing hygiene.

  • No power required. No mains water/plumbing required.


  • Durable steel frame, with stainless steel sink, splash back, and soap / sanitizer holder.

  • Holds enough water for 80 hand washes - 20L container for clean water & 20L container for grey water (easy empty).


  • Suitable for any workplace, unit can be easily converted to mains water supply and alternative waste disposal if required.

  • Paper towel dispenser not included / optional purchase.

Please contact us for pricing information.

"MasterMac" PortaWash 20

"MasterMac" PortaWash 20

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